Basics Acro

Basics acro aims to help students achieve beginning tumbling skills including cartwheels, forward rolls, backbends, and handstands.  Students will also learn beginning jazz and ballet technique including positions, transitions, turns, and leaps.

Acro I, II, and III

Requirements: Student must be concurrently enrolled in ballet.  Instructor evaluation required to enter levels II and above.

Acro classes combine tumbling skills with dance technique with an emphasis on fluidity of movement. In addition, dancers will use items such as hula-hoops, ribbons, and balls and incorporate them into their movement. Items used will vary based on difficulty.


Requirements: None

Silks is a beautiful form of aerial art performed with fabric.  It requires incredible upper body and core strength.  Beginner silk students will learn basics climbs, footlocks, hip keys, and sequences that are performed closer to the ground.  As they advance, students will begin to incorporate sequencing, transitions, and drops.