Students will learn isolations, footwork, and floor work skills with a focus on choreography.  A majority of class will be spent learning different hip-hop combinations in center. This class does contain a freestyle component.


Come and release your inhibitions.  This adult centered class focuses on fun and sassy choreography with an edge. Students are encouraged to explore their sensuality and take on a diva persona as they shake it on the dance floor! Heels are recommended but not required.


This class will use exercises to increase your technical skill and style, inspired by both the traditional Ballet form, as well as today’s Contemporary-Meets-Modern. This means developing coordination, crafting your “line,” working on jumps and turns, and dancing with character. Modern Dance delves into the explorative, expressive, and abstract dance styles of dance that were born in the early 20th century and are being developed with excitement and fervor today. Modern Dance has found its home primarily on theatre concert stages and in academic settings in the Americas, Europe, and beyond. The instructor will work with you to explore a variety of its vast styles, learn exercises and choreography that emphasize learning how to connect your body and move through space. Modern Dance also emphasizes different kinds of energy, flow, and ways to use your weight. Each session learns a “combination” (choreography), during which students focus on performance quality, emotional expressivity, and technical range. Exercises are expanded upon each week. Extensive experience is not necessary.


Tap dance provides a good cardiovascular workout and is a great stress releaser. The instructor will warm you up, teach you basics tap moves, a fun combination and a dance which will be expanded upon each class. You will learn traditional tap dances as well as more contemporary styles of tap. Come learn some tap basics and lift your sole/soul!


Jazz Funk, also known as “Street Jazz”, is a style of dance characterized by performers such as Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson and Beyonce – hard hitting and sassy, with a flare of femininity.  The main component of any jazz funk class is choreography.  Students will sweat, smile, and be pushed to the max as they learn and perform new combinations each week!