Pre Ballet

This class serves as an introduction to basic ballet technique. A focus is placed on students understanding of class structure and behavioral expectations. Students will be introduced to concepts such as timing, rhythm, and synchronization. They will begin to learn stage directions, the difference between right and left, and beginner ballet vocabulary. Pre level will commonly contain a creative movement component prior to the closing the class.

Basics Ballet

This class builds upon concepts learned in pre ballet and adds elements such as barre work, additional technical skills, turns, and strengthening exercises. Students will gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and how to achieve proper technique. Behavioral expectations are still a main focus at this level, but expectations in regards to behavior are much higher than in pre level classes. Basic level will commonly contain a creative movement component prior to closing the class.

Junior/Teen Ballet Levels I, II, III, and III/IV

Requirements:  Instructor evaluation and approval required for Levels II and above.

In all Junior and Teen level ballet classes students will being with work at the barre, with difficulty of movement varying based on level and ability. After completing barre, students will move to centre combinations as well as across the floor phrases including adagio, pirouettes, petite allegro, and grande allegro.


Requirements:  Student must be concurrently enrolled in Ballet (Level TBD by Instructor).

Pre-Pointe is meant to strengthen dancers ankles, feet, and technique in order to prepare for pointe work. This class should be taken in conjunction with Junior Ballet III in order to eventually move up to Pointe I. Students will most likely not be allowed to move up to Pointe until the age of 12 with instructor approval.


Requirements:  Completion of Pre-Pointe and Instructor approval. Student must be concurrently enrolled in Ballet (Level TBD by Instructor). Pointe shoes will be needed in order to participate in class.

A focus will be placed on executing advanced level ballet technique en pointe with proper alignment and execution.