Mercury Academy Of Dance Company


Mini company must take 5+ hours of class a week, Junior company must 8+ hour of class a week, and Senior company must take 10+ hours a week. It is the dancer’s responsibility to attend competitive classes on a regular basis. There is a “three strike” rule, whereby any student missing more than three class, including for medical reasons, will be asked to leave the program. Come to class on time, in proper attire and footwear and hair, and with a positive attitude. Team members must attend ALL competitions (convention portions of competitions are suggested but not mandatory).

2018 Company Auditions

Mini Company (Ages 5 to 6) – June 16th 9am-10am/$15 audition fee

Junior Company (Ages 7 to 11) – June 16th 10am-12pm/$25 audition fee

Senior Company (Ages 12 to 18) –¬†¬†June 16th 12pm-2pm/$25 audition fee

2017-2018 Competition Dancers