Our 2017 – 2018 Competition Team

Patric Belisle, Ella DiCola and Maggie Power


Team members must attend technique class each week. It is the dancer’s responsibility to attend competitive classes on a regular basis. There is a “three strike” rule, whereby any student missing more than three class, including for medical reasons, will be asked to leave the program. Come to class on time, in proper attire and footwear and hair, and with a positive attitude. Team members must attend ALL competitions (convention portions of competitions are suggested but not mandatory).

Competition Schedule

Celebrity Competition                              January 19th – 21st

Jump Competition/Convention               March 2nd – 4th

Move Competition                                       March 23rd – 25th

Groove Competition                                  April 13th – 15th

Competition Team, Ms. Carly, and other Mercury Dance Students