Basics Hip-Hop

This class serves as an introduction to basic Hip-Hop technique. A focus is placed on students understanding of class structure and behavioral expectations. Students will be introduced to hip-hop movement including footwork, isolations, floor-work, and begin to learn the importance of musicality. They will learn stage directions, the difference between right and left, and beginner hip-hop vocabulary. Each class will have a free-style component allowing students to find their own movement patterns and match them to rhythms that they are able to find in the music.

Junior/Teen Hip-Hop I, II, III, and III/IV

Requirements:  Instructor approval required for Levels II and above.

Building upon the skills learned in Pre/Basics Hip-Hop, level I, II, and III Hip-Hop classes will learn more intricate isolation combinations, footwork, and floor work skills. The biggest difference from lower to higher levels is the expectation of the dancer to be able to pick up choreography quickly and accurately. A large focus of hip-hop class is choreography, so a majority of class will be spent learning different combinations in center. These levels will also contain a freestyle component, with expectations of achievement of musicality increasing with each level.

Popping & Locking

Requirements:  None

A traditional component of hip-hop dance, this class will allow students to focus on and explore the technique of popping & locking. In Popping, focus is placed on the ability to isolate individual muscles as well groups of muscles in synchronization to beats found in music.  Locking involves quick movements that are halted in a particular position before transitioning into a new move. This is a great class to supplement hip-hop training and fine tune some of its important technical components.