Basics Jazz

In this class dancers will learn basic Jazz technique such as jazz walks, jazz squares, and grapevines. Students will begin work on across the floor combinations, be introduced to chaine and pique turns, as well as simple leaps. A small portion of class will be dedicated to learning Jazz choreography.

Junior/Teen Jazz I, II, III, and III/IV

Requirements: Student must be concurrently enrolled in ballet.  Instructor evaluation required to enter levels II and above.

Each level in jazz builds upon the next. Skills learned in basics jazz will be improved upon and made more difficult in level I, II, and III classes. Dancers at these levels will begin to work on multiple pirouettes, turn variations, switch leaps, turning leaps, etc. A greater emphasis will be placed on quick memorization and more accurate execution of choreography as dancers progress to higher levels.

Contemporary Jazz

Requirements: Student must be concurrently enrolled in ballet.  Students must meet technical requirements for a Level III Jazz class and/or receive instructor approval to enroll.

This is an upper level jazz class that builds upon technique already acquired in traditional jazz classes but adds additional elements of movement that are more complex and require a greater understanding of the body and technical execution.