Tuition Due Dates

To reserve a spot in our Fall/Spring Session classes, August tuition MUST be paid upon enrollment and is non-refundable.  An exception will be made for those who choose to enroll in our auto-pay program, for which August tuition will be ran on the 5th of August and is also non-refundable.  Those who enroll after our start date of August 20th will be pro-rated accordingly.  As we are starting classes mid-month this year all families will be charged half the normal rate for the month of August.

A $30.00 Annual Membership Fee will be due upon enrollment and will be charged yearly from the month of initial enrollment.

Costume Fees

An initial Costume Deposit of $30.00 per class is due on or before October 5th unless a student has informed us that he/she will not be participating in recital.  This fee will be charged automatically along with October tuition to those on auto-pay.  Remaining costume balances are due by January 5th. Remaining balance will be determined on a per class basis, not to exceed  $35.00 per class.  Please remember that all costume deposits/fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.  For more information please see RECITAL COSTUMES.


Tuition refunds will only be given in the case of long-term injury accompanied by a doctor’s note, or moving out of state.

Drop / Add / Change

The studio must be informed of the intention to add or change a class.  A withdrawal form for any/all classes must be submitted via email or in-person to our front desk staff at least 7 days prior to the first of the upcoming month.  If a drop form is not submitted before this cut-off date, all charges for the following month will still apply and be due on the 5th of that month.

Withdrawal Forms are available during studio business hours at our reception desk or online. You can click here to download the Withdrawal Form in PDF Format to print and bring by our reception desk, or click here to fill out our Online Withdrawal Form for online submission.  

Late Fees

Payments are considered late when not received by the 5th. There will be a $10 late fee charged on the 6th and an additional $10 late fee for tuition that remains unpaid after the 15th of the current month. There will be a $25 charge for all returned payments (insufficient funds or other).


All classes are subject to cancellation, with full refund, if minimum student registration is not met.


The first three weeks of classes are an evaluation of each student’s ability. In all instances, qualification for a particular class will always be at the instructor’s and the studio director’s discretion.

Restroom Use

Parents of Pre and Basics Level students are responsible for making sure their children use the restroom before class. If the need arises during class, parents of those children who are not yet able to use the restroom without supervision must stay on the premise in order to assist their child.  Junior and Teen level dancers must use the restroom before or after class.


Be prompt. All students should arrive at least 5 minutes before their class begins. All dancers must sign in at the MAD receptionist’s desk upon arrival. Those that are in pre or basics level classes will need to be signed in by a parent. We suggest that dancers 12 and older arrive 15 minutes early to warm themselves up and change. Please do not drop dancers off for extended periods of time before or after their class. We do not have the facilities to supervise unattended students.

Late Arrival

Any student arriving more than 10 minutes late will not be admitted into class, for his/her safety and to avoid class disruption. Please arrange for a make-up class if you expect to be very late. Exceptions will be made only if pre-approved by the instructor. Chronic late arrival may be grounds for dismissal from class without a refund.


MAD staff is not responsible for supervising students outside of the classroom or before/after scheduled class times. Students who need supervision should not be dropped off more than 10 minutes prior to class and must be picked up promptly following class – please remember that we are a dance academy and not a daycare!  For those students who attend our last classes of the evening, please be sure that their ride arrives on-time as we close the studio promptly upon completion of classes.

Holiday & Break Schedules

The season calendar can be found on our website.  Any changes to this calendar will be sent home by email.  Important closure dates can also be found in the Announcements tab of your student portal.  

Dress Code

We request that students carefully observe our dress code outlined in the Student Handbook. It is up to the discretion of the instructor whether or not your child will be allowed to participate in class if they attend without proper attire. Repeated failure to comply with dress code may result in dismissal from class without refund. Dress items can be purchased through  Mercury Academy of Dance. Ask the MAD receptionist for more information or view the full Dress Code policies here.

Dance Shoes

Dancers are required to have the correct shoes within 3 weeks of entering a class. Please label all dance shoes with the student’s last name. Shoes can be purchased through Mercury Academy of Dance. Ask the MAD receptionist for more information.

Recital Participation

All students are invited, but not required, to participate in the MAD annual June recital.  Recital is typically held the first Friday and Saturday of June.  This is a fully staged, costumed, professional quality dance program showcasing our students’ performance skills as well as our teachers’ choreography. Students are required to notify MAD before costume deposits are due if they will not be participating in recital.
Recital participation is assumed for all students unless otherwise notified.

Recital Costumes

See Costume Payments. Class costumes are determined at the discretion of the instructor and prices will vary from class to class. MAD guarantees that TOTAL costume fee per enrollment will not exceed $65 unless pre-approved unanimously by class parents. All costume fees are non-refundable.  After a student’s full costume balance has been paid if he/she decides to drop a class or not participate in recital no refund will be given.  Once his/her costume has arrived the front desk staff will notify the parent, during which a time may be scheduled to pick up the costume. If a child enrolls in a class after costumes have been ordered, eligibility to participate in the MAD annual recital will be determined by our ability to acquire a costume for the child in time for the performance. In these cases, costume fees must be PAID IN FULL at the time of enrollment.


Consistent attendance is required. If you miss two consecutive weeks of a class without notification of our administrative staff, you may be dropped from class with no refund. Refunds for long-term injury will not be issued if you fail to notify the MAD Administrative staff promptly. Classes begin to work on recital choreography as of January, at which point attendance is essential. 4 or more excused absences between January and June are grounds for removal from recital without a refund of costume fee (See recital costumes). Unexcused absences will not be tolerated.  Absences will only be considered excused if the MAD Administrative Staff is given prior notice of the absence. Whether or not an absence is excused will be at the discretion of the MAD director (examples of excused absences include academic activities, family vacations, and illness).  Students who have incurred an injury but still wish to participate in recital must attend class in order to observe. 

Make-Up Policy

In the case of student absence or one-time class cancellation, students are encouraged to make-up cancelled classes. Make-ups can be made in any dance style and do not have to be the same style as the cancelled class. Students should make up in the same level or within one level below or above their regular class. Prior experience in other styles should be considered when deciding on the appropriate make-up level for alternate styles. Please notify reception prior to your make-up class. MAD does not issue refunds due to one-time class cancellation or student absence.

Illness or Injury

During class, if a student complains of being ill or sustains an injury and cannot participate, the instructor will send or escort them to the MAD front desk, where the parents will be notified by phone if not on the premises.

Class Observation

Parents, friends, or siblings are not allowed to enter the classroom during regular class time. Family and friends are allowed to stay and take advantage of our viewing windows, but we ask that they do not try to communicate with students, interrupt class, or distract students in any manner.  Those who are unable to adhere to this policy will be asked to leave the viewing area.  Observation weeks will be scheduled throughout the year. Friends who are interested in dancing at MAD may observe class in place of a trial.

No Food, Beverages, or Gum

Only water in dance studios. Food and drinks are allowed in the lobby area.

Cell Phones & Devices

All cell phones and noise-making devices must be switched to silent when on premises. Ringing phones draw unwanted attention to your bags. Cell phones are not allowed out in the studios; please keep them in your purse or dance bag while in class. The checking of cell phones while class is in session is only allowed in emergency situations. Such situations must be cleared by the instructor before class.


School age children and teens, please practice respect. Students are not to be socializing in a disruptive manner during the class. Please honor your teacher and fellow students by giving full attention and cooperation. Parents will be advised if we feel any student is not well-adjusted to the classroom environment for any reason over time. Also, please remember the studio is not a playground. There is absolutely no running, hanging on ballet barres, or using the lobby area as a play place. All children under the age of 11 NOT attending a class at MAD must be under parental supervision AT ALL TIMES while in the studio.