Pre Tap

This class will teach children proper tap terminology and basic tap rhythm in an upbeat, fun teaching style. Tap is a wonderful, show-stopping dance genre for your little guy or gal! Many people assume that Tap is a difficult genre for kids: it’s actually easier in many ways! They’re able to focus mainly on their feet, as opposed to their whole body. We’ll build rhythm, coordination, style, and confidence to the sound of tapping toes!

Basics Tap

A step-by-step guide to the essential steps, sounds, posture, coordination and moves of tap dance.
Starting off by learning the sounds you can make, and their names, you will build up to simple steps – both on the spot and traveling steps. You will also learn about rhythm and how to develop subtle light tapping and accents needed for sound contrast tap dancing.

Junior/Teen Tap I and II

Students will continue to develop posture and an awareness of the dancing space. A focus will be placed on isolation of parts of the body in order to achieve definitive movement and sound. Students will continue to develop coordination of arm, feet, head movements while performing choreography. Class will include fundamental footwork combinations, warm up and cool down, and choreography. Level II students will expand their knowledge of tap rhythms and whole body dancing through more complex combinations and drills.