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So you’ve been thinking about whether or not you might be interested in a dance class, eh? Maybe even a tap class? Maybe you were inspired by an old Gene Kelly or Ginger Rogers movie, or maybe you saw a video of Gregory Hines improvising with incredible poise, accuracy, and even humor. No matter what the reason you find yourself interested in learning more about tap dancing, you’ll be glad to know that tap dancing is about a lot more than just learning how to dance.

In today’s blog from Mercury Academy of Dance in Centennial, we’ll take a look at how dance classes, or, more specifically tap classes, provide you with a bevy of benefits outside of just learning how to dance. Read on to learn more, or, if you’re ready to get started, visit our online registration page to find a class and time that are appropriate for you.

Tap Dancing Is Fantastic Exercise

All forms of dance are a great exercise because they require stamina, core strength, and sometimes, power. But tap dancing can take it to another level. Unlike many other forms of dance, tap dancing is almost like interval training. Many parts of a tap routine may be simple and subdued, but don’t be fooled. There’s an explosion of rhythm and energy lurking right around the corner.

Tap dancing helps you exercise through these kinds of intermittent audio flurries of metal on wood but also tests your balance and posture as you spend a lot of time on one foot. After all, the other one is busy making noise.

Tap Dancing Is Fun

Tap dancing is fun. Don’t believe us? Take a look in a window at any tap class you walk by, and although you will see some faces screwed up in determination to land a step or find the beat, you’ll also inevitably see smiles, laughter, and more likely than not, some downright silliness. There’s just something about the noisy, expressive, and semi-unpredictable nature of tap dance classes that lends itself to having a good time.

Tap Dancing Improves Your Rhythm

Most forms of dance work hard to let the music or the orchestra shine when it comes to the audio aspects of the performance. With the exception of some clunking point shoes or a less-than-soft landing from an impressive jump, you can expect a style of dance like ballet to keep relatively quiet, but that’s not so with a tap dance.

Although taps can provide soft, gentle clicks — like are common to the dance era of the new soft shoe style of tap — modern tap is often much more explosive, and tap dancers can seem like they are trying to steal the entire show! If you’ve ever met a longtime tap dancer, this should come as no surprise to you.

So when you’re making that much noise, it’s easy to hear when you’re on the beat, and when you’re not. Combine this ease of self-awareness with the full-body kinesthesis of a tap dance class, and it’s easy to understand why so many music teachers send their young pupils to learn to tap dance. Taking a tap class is a sure way to improve your natural sense of rhythm, and it can help you learn to keep a beat.

A Studio For All Ages

Gain A Connection To Iconic American Popular Culture

Tap dancing, although it saw a decline in the 80s and 90s, has started to come back as a popular style of dance. And prior to that, it was actually part of a musical theater style of cinema that was incredibly popular during the 1940s and 50s. 

Dashing gentlemen like Fred Astair and Gene Kelly tapped their way in their co-star’s — and their audience’s — hearts while iconic Hollywood beauties like Ginger Rogers and Debbie Reynolds demonstrated that tap dancing wasn’t a boys club.

And remember how we said that tap dance had a funny way of promoting silliness? Just check out the body or film created with Donald O’Connor in it and you’ll see the quintessential tap funny man.

With its origins in Vaudeville and variety shows, tap has a rich and storied history throughout the better part of the last two centuries of American pop culture. When you take a tap class, you immediately begin to share in that legacy.

Prepare Yourself For A Future In Musical Theater

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in musical theater, like Broadway shows and productions, then tap is one of the forms of dance that you’ll need to take classes in. It’s not the only one, but it remains a popular form of dance for many types of scenes and settings.

Having a well-rounded repertoire that includes a few years of tap classes can go a long way towards helping to achieve your dream of making it on the big stage.

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