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As a parent, you’re always looking for ways to engage your child with meaningful experiences, helping them discover new ideas, and searching for ways to enrich their lives. And, you’re doing all of it within the constraints of your child’s schedule, your schedule, and the limited amount of time within a week that already never feels like enough.

So when you decide to try and get your son or daughter involved in a new and ongoing activity like sports, music, art, or dance, you want to feel good about your choice. You want to know that your time, your money, and the time of your child are being spent in a way that is bringing meaning into their life and doing more than simply keeping them busy.  

In today’s blog from Mercury Academy of Dance in Centennial, we’ll take a look at five reasons why dance is an excellent investment, and how dance can provide some pretty important learning experiences and growth opportunities for your child.

Our dance programs are great for boys and girls alike, and we offer classes for virtually all ages. If you’d like to get started, please visit our registration page and select the class, or classes, that you and your child are interested in. 

Dance Provides Discipline

One of the less obvious ways in which dance promotes growth and learning for your child is through the installation of discipline. Now, we don’t mean the same kind of discipline that you might expect from a martial arts class or something like that, but dance requires that your child wear the right type of clothing, behave in an appropriate way according to the class norms, and follow instructions throughout each and every class.

These types of life skills are applicable in almost every social and learning environment that your child will find themselves in throughout their life. 

Furthermore, dance provides a kind of self-discipline that is rarely found outside of dance, except possibly in martial arts. Dance requires a special kind of self-discipline about moving your body in a certain way and encourages children to learn to control both their fine and gross motor skills, unlike almost any other physical activity.

Dance Opens Up A New Social Community

A dance studio or academy is a wonderful place to meet new friends. Children at a dance studio immediately understand that they have something in common with everyone else in the room — dance! 

Young dancers grow up together in a studio often build strong and lasting friendships with each other, and we regularly see these bonds persist regardless of their proximity or social interactions outside of dance. In essence, the dance classes they love attending also become a place where they can have friends outside of the confines, pressures, and academic requirements of school — their primary arena for building and practicing social skills.

We often find that many parents of our dancers also enjoy the opportunity to meet other adults with children in the same age range. In much the same way that your kid’s dance classes give them a way to make friends outside of school, your child’s’ dance classes can also give you a way to meet new people outside of work.

A Studio For All Ages

Dance Promotes Self Confidence

Although it can be a little tough to stand in front of a mirror and self-correct their body movements, and it can be even more challenging the very first time that they go on stage to perform in front of a live audience, dance ultimately teaches your child to be confident and sure of their body, their skills, and their ability to face up to pressure.

Self-confidence and resilience are two of the most important social skills that your child can practice in a world filled with the judgment of others and the pressures of social media. Kids dance classes help a child start to trust and appreciate themselves early on, setting a strong foundation for facing the challenges they will meet later in life.

Dance Encourages An Appreciation For The Arts

It’s so easy for children to miss out on music, art, and performance styles that aren’t mainstream. However, learning to appreciate the arts, to take value in the craft and tradition of various cultures, and to find meaning and pleasure in non-pop culture-oriented activities and experiences can foster an appreciation and curiosity about the larger world that can serve your child for years to come, and it alls starts by enrolling them in a kids dance class.

Dance Is Fun

Finally, and in some ways, most importantly — dance is fun! Children love to move, wiggle, jump, and use their body to kinesthetically express themself. Dance classes for kids give them a way to do this while also enjoying all of the enriching benefits and skill development that we mentioned earlier in the blog. 

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