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Like many first time participants of a dance class, you may be eager to just get in there and go at it. With all of the music, mirrors, space, and rhythm, you might get lost in the environment and just let loose. While this is a great attitude to have in anything you do, it is not always the best route to success in a dance studio. We obviously want you to be excited and feel freedom while in a dance studio, but it is important that the energy is focused and in sync with the rest of the class, as to not cause disruptions and maintain respect for the rest of the participants.

Our studio, the Mercury Academy Of Dance in Centennial, Colorado, offers dance classes for various styles and age groups so that you will be able to dance how you want to and when you want to. Be sure to check out all of the classes and programs that we have to offer; we would love to help you get in the groove! Read on to learn more about some dance class etiquette before you find yourself front and center in a studio.

Basic Dance Class Etiquette

We are going to list out some simple etiquette rules and descriptions that seem to be common sense to most, but are broken more often than not:

  1. Arrive on Time: Tardiness is one of the main issues seen within a dance studio, and life itself. We understand that things happen outside of the studio, but making a routine that incorporates a cushion for these events to happen will provide you breathing room to still arrive on time. If you are unable to make it on time occasionally, that is totally okay. Just make sure to enter quietly and wait for an OK from the instructor before intruding into the room. Try not to make a habit of this, as you will be known more for your late attendance than your skills in dance.
  2. Stay for the Whole Class: Staying for the duration of the full class shows dedication and effort. After all, you are paying for the length of the full class so you might as well make the best of it. If you do have to leave early for any reason, make sure to relay that to the instructor as opposed to just up and leaving with no warning.

    • In addition to staying for the duration of the class, it is also important to not continually leave and come back, as it is distracting to fellow classmates and instructors.
  3. Listen While the Teacher is Talking: Avoid side conversations with your neighbors while the instructor is teaching, it is respectful of them and everyone else around you.
  4. Pay Attention: This is especially important when waiting for your turn. It is embarrassing to have all eyes on you and then not know what is going on or when you come in on the beat. Getting caught looking bored or slouching is even more embarrassing, so don’t sit down unless instructed to do so.
  5. Put the Phone Away During Class: Just like most classes you have ever had, leaving the phone away from the engagement is important for learning, and for showing respect and etiquette. This includes the use of your phone’s camera to take pictures or videos. Ask for permission before filming anything, as it could be a routine for an upcoming performance that your instructor does not want the public to see before the show has been completed.
  6. Avoid Food or Drink in the Studio: Food and drink in the dance studio is a bad idea because of the mess and potential safety hazards it can cause when mixing with the movements and the surface of the dance floor. Only bring a water bottle that can fully close into the studio (if it’s approved by your instructor.)
  7. Leave the Jewelry out of the Studio: Jewelry can cause two problems in a dance studio. The first is the problem of distractions. Clanky jewelry can become a huge visual and audible distraction, so leaving it outside the premises will mediate that issue. The second issue with jewelry in a studio is safety. Jewelry, especially earrings and bracelets, can have sharp parts of them, which can injure other dancers in the studio. You also could lose your jewelry, which would distract you from the routine for that day. Avoid the headache and just leave the jewelry at home.
  8. Maintain Spatial Awareness: Make sure you are a safe distance away from other participants to avoid hitting one another. Make sure to give the instructor enough space, while still not overcrowding those in the back of the classroom.

    • In addition to spatial awareness, allowing the advanced students to stand in the front will make everything operate more smoothly. If you don’t know the routine or feel less confident in your abilities when comparing yourself to others, allow them to stand in front of you. This will help you learn the routine more by mimicking the output of the “good” dancers and prevent confusion for those around you.
  9. Try Your Best: In the end, that’s all a good dance class can really ask from you. If you find yourself in a class that appears to be too advanced for your current skill level, don’t give up and just walk out or sit in frustration. It is a lesson learned, and you will eventually get to that level and beyond. Try your best, and the rest will fall into place.
  10. Be Courteous and Respectful at All Times: Whether it is to your instructor, your classmates, or yourself; maintaining a certain level of respect and courtesy at all times will make everything go more smoothly. This includes outbursts of anger or profanity, as the studio is for various ages. Even if your class is an adults-only one, the room down the hall could be hosting a class for children. They are paying to be there just as you are, and your instructor has dedicated this time to teaching the subject. Showing the same level of effort and care is what will turn your dance class into a dance community.

Learn A Variety Of Dance Styles

Displaying Proper Etiquette at Mercury Academy of Dance

Now that you have learned some basic etiquette for the proper enjoyment of a dance studio, it is time to demonstrate what you know! We encourage you to sign up for one of our dance classes, as we love teaching a variety of styles to different age groups. Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have, and we can’t wait to dance with you soon!